Let the casting begin!

Today, General Films signed a contract with a casting director for their new film, Merrily (more about Merrily soon). "What is a casting director," you might ask? A casting director is a delightfully astute, well-connected, smart, and in our case, witty, human whose life's mission it is to find the perfect assemblage of actors for a film. They work long hours in poorly lit, subterranean office cubicles, in which they sip weak tea and listen to 1950s modern jazz on old transistor radios*. And yet somehow, they rise above these barbaric work conditions to seek out and engage dedicated, creative, smart actors to populate the fictional universes so carefully crafted by screenwriters the world over. 

Our casting director's name is Adrienne. She is incredibly good at what she does and thank goodness, as we've a number of very tricky roles to be cast in order for Merrily to spring forth into reality - or, at least filmic reality. 



*NOTE: in our case, none of this is true, thank goodness.

PerfectMatch lives!

And when we say "PerfectMatch lives!" what we really mean is that last week we signed an agreement with a sales agent. "What is a sales agent," you ask? A sales agent is someone who toils day and night to find the absolute perfect fit for a film in the ever-changing and often confusing world of film distribution. It is their raison d'etre to navigate the often eel-infested waters of world-wide distribution-dom to find companies that will ultimately market and distribute a film. They live for this stuff. Thank goodness.

It is our hope that our new friends at Champion Entertainment* will discover a wonderful home (or perhaps a few) for PerfectMatch so that the film will ultimately be available to a discerning audience, world-wide. Or at least in your neck of the woods. Keep your fingers crossed. We certainly will.


*Our particular sales agent is Brandon. A lovely fellow with a penchant for fedoras and v-neck sweaters. Find him on the facebook and send him lovely notes about what a very good job he is doing. He deserves them.