PerfectMatch lives!

And when we say "PerfectMatch lives!" what we really mean is that last week we signed an agreement with a sales agent. "What is a sales agent," you ask? A sales agent is someone who toils day and night to find the absolute perfect fit for a film in the ever-changing and often confusing world of film distribution. It is their raison d'etre to navigate the often eel-infested waters of world-wide distribution-dom to find companies that will ultimately market and distribute a film. They live for this stuff. Thank goodness.

It is our hope that our new friends at Champion Entertainment* will discover a wonderful home (or perhaps a few) for PerfectMatch so that the film will ultimately be available to a discerning audience, world-wide. Or at least in your neck of the woods. Keep your fingers crossed. We certainly will.


*Our particular sales agent is Brandon. A lovely fellow with a penchant for fedoras and v-neck sweaters. Find him on the facebook and send him lovely notes about what a very good job he is doing. He deserves them.